Who am I?

Valeria Puig was born in Montevideo, on May 28th 1988. She attended the Lycée Français Jules Supervielle and specialised in Arts / Literature / Human Sciences.

A specific scene from the film 2001 by Stanley Kubrick had always marked her and always remained printed in her mind. In life, of course, there are many films or books that mark us but that doesn’t mean we will necessarily want to become a filmmaker or a writer. You need to understand what lays behind that beautiful product we call “a movie” so you can understand if this is the path you want to follow in life. In some cases, these professions just weren’t made for you; in some others, they were.

Until that same day, Valeria was actually convinced that she was going to become a lawyer. She had even pictured her office, the windows, the beautiful plant beside her desk, but then realised, or thought (since she was too young to realize some things) that there is much more world to discover on the other side of the window.

One night, while watching a film from which I don’t recall the name, she started to think about what her deepest desires were. She had always liked acting, theater, and she loved cinema.

And there you go, that’s what she became… it’s not complicated, it can be very simple. It’s just that many people like to make it complicated.

So that same year she started the Cinema School Dodeca. This school was built for teenagers who want to discover the bright areas of film-making, screenwriting and editing. And Valeria, of course, had to attend. She was always following traces to discover the world, seeking new opportunities and taking part in every thing she could find; and she still does. :D

Then, she finished high school, and applied for different scholarships to do her BA. She was accepted in France in the University of Poitiers and later on she graduated from a BA in Spectacle Arts, specialized in Cinema. For her last year of her Undergraduate degree she went to Italy for a whole year, as an Erasmus student.

She recently specialised by doing a Post-degree in Screenwriting and Producing for Film and Television at the University of Westminster, in London.

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