The Last Exorcism

Why did you do that? Why?? – LOVEFiLM.

Well… what can I say? I thought it was a great mockumentary at the beginning and ended up being completely disappointed. To be honest I don’t have many words for it… it is just another Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity type and hence, well, nothing new.

The story was awesome at the beginning. So WELL developed!! I found it awesomely interesting, from the Preacher’s real life with his everyday problems to the theme of religion and books and demons, and I loved it all. It was so interesting because it fell so real, and after that the Preacher started his new adventure. And man, I really jumped, specially when the kid threw the mud at the car, I was like “OMG WHAT IS GOING ON”. The reason for this was that so far, I hadn’t realise that there was going to be so much… “fiction” involved at the end and which was what ruined it all. It all seemed very real, it all seemed like a real documentary even if you really know it’s not and that it’s a mockumentary but I loved that! The narrative structure of the Preacher himself being a “fake”, mainly because he is a human being and as he said, he has to feed his family, and then finding himself in a situation that exploded in his face, for me was fantastic. By the ‘human being fake’ I mean that he is completely right (and I LOVED this) that his job is taking out the demon of the person who thinks has a demon inside and if that cures them, then great and he gets paid. I LOVED this in the film, I thought it was so authentic, and it wouldn’t have been a type of mockumentary that you usually see nowadays, specially about exorcism subjects, and that would have made it so unique.

I loved the way the film de-constructed and as we moved on in the story I was like ‘man, you are going to find yourself with something very mean in that house, something that might not have explanation and hey, I want to see your expression when you do haha’. Everything went great, I jumped, I was scared, and what I loved the most was the fact that because of being a mockumentary it was going to show the real demons ON earth, that it wasn’t a real demon (as we see in normal fiction obviously), but a girl who had been abused, and it would all sum up there. And then, towards the end, they run into Logan and we find out that he’s gay, and I’m like ‘Yeah! It’s going to finish by the first supposition they ever had, which was that the father had sexually abused her.’ And the only thing they needed to do to make it a great film, was going back to the house, making the guy confess and having the police coming over. But NO, Daniel Stamm, you needed to blow the film. And that’s what you did! COME ON!!! They enter the forest and they run into this sect, and THE FANATIC PEOPLE TAKE AN UNDERDEVELOPED BABY OUT OF THE GIRL AND THROW IT INTO THE FIRE AND THAT MAKES A DEMON APPEAR…….. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? You just blew the whole film. You ruined it for me, and what could have been a four stars and a half or even maybe five, just came down to two and a half and even only two stars. So disappointed. Seriously. This could have been one the best films I had sincerely ever seen. It made millions, I don’t deny it, it worked really really good. But it could have been much better.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Quite an interesting adaptation – LOVEFiLM.

I think that the screenwriters managed to set quite well the story of the book in this adaptation. There are several changes that a reader could consider ‘devastating’ since the story written by Larsson is very gripping and complex. I am a passionate reader myself, but after having seen the second film, which I liked less than this one, I decided to keep my mind open. The ‘Millennium’ trilogy is, as I said in my review about ‘The Girl who played with fire’, quite a complicated book to adapt: not only does it have several narrative lines that entwine and run in a parallel way, but it’s also quite narrated (meaning, not very directly visual). I consider it a very good adaptation that has obviously opened Noomi Rapace’s doors to Hollywood. It is not completely faithful to the book and again, there are several things omitted, but the essence is always present. That is why I consider it as being quite an ‘interesting’ adaptation. However, I still think that the rhythm tends to be slow in this Swedish version. That is probably one of the main reasons of why it differentiates itself so easily from American films. The editing specially, should be more ‘snappy’.